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Looking for opportunities to recycle our tire curing bladders produced in Little Rock, 5701 Murray Str., 72209. A tire curing bladder is required to produce a tire by inflating the bladder with steam, to shape and cure the tire rubber within a tire molding machine. Bladder is made out of Butyl rubber, carbon black, light oil, activator, process aids, basically same ingredients as a tire. We scrap and recycle 8,000 lbs/mo of cured bladders, flashing and trim, containing about 2,400 lbs/mo of carbon black and 4,800 lbs/mo of Butyl rubber.
Material(s) Available in: Little Rock, AR


Hello! Our material is a thick SBR rubber that has a nylon reinforcement layer. The material is in the form of a 1/2" thick webbing that is left from dye cutting 4" squares out of rubber conveyor belts. We are a rubber recycling company that is primarily dedicated to the mining industry. We process rubber conveyor belt by dye cutting the conveyor belt into usable parts such as mats, gaskets, loading dock bumpers, gym floors, etc. After processing our conveyor belt material we produce a rubber conveyor belt "skeleton" consisting of the portions of the rubber that were not large enough to be stamped out. We generate approximately 40,000lbs of these skeletons per month. We are looking for a rubber processor that can use these skeletons as a feed stock for rubber mulch, pressed forming, a rubber to fuel operation, or other recycling/repurposing processes. All of our rubber conveyor belt skeletons are made out of the same material. They are all SBR rubber conveyor belt. These conveyor belts are made out of the same material as tires, and they are in fact made by tire manufacturers, like Goodrich, Continental, etc. However, these conveyor belt skeletons contain no metal. They are made of SBR rubber and nylon reinforcements. They will simply require shredding in order to be made into rubber mulch. These can be packaged in whatever way that you require. They can be loaded into super sacks, baled, palletized, packed loose in shipping containers, etc. For pictures and specifications please reply.
Material(s) Available in: Mt. Pleasant, TX